1911….Still the best 45

Went to the range this weekend, and put a few rounds through an old Llama 1911A1 that I bought a few years back. Now Llama is not Colt, or Kimber. In fact what I own is GI spec 1911A1. But, it is still a tack driver, and that is why I love it. I like it better than my Glock 30. I know why so many people still love the 1911. Because it truely is one of the best pistol designs out there.

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There’s nothing compact about the SR9c.

One recent weekend, my dad and I decided to hit the range and shoot a few rounds. But I had another reason to be excited that day. A guy that works at my local range/gun shop had given me a call and said they had finally gotten a couple Ruger SR9c’s in. I had read the articles on it, and was dying to get my hands on one. I own a full size SR9 and like its slim profile and natural point ability. To make things even better, the range had one in their rental counter. So I could shoot it before I bought it. How awesome is that! I put about 150 rounds through it, and shot it side by side with my CZ RAMI P 2075. Ruger took the SR9 and cut down the grip by about an inch and the barrel by about .7 inches. It’s a compact, not a sub-compact (like the CZ). They also improved the trigger on the SR9c. When I bought my SR9 about two years ago, I had to have the trigger smoothed out on it. The SR9c was smooth and crisp to begin with. Other than that, it is basically the same thing as the SR9, safety, mag release, and takedown.

Where I really think that Ruger hit it big is the fact that the supply you with many common items you would have to buy as “add on” if you bought something else. For example you not only get a 10 round flush fit magazine, but you get a pinky finger collar. You also get a 17 round magazine and a magazine collar as well. (Note: The 17 round magazine also fits the standard SR9). All this for less than $500 retail.

When I was looking at the SR9c at the shop, I noticed right next to it an “SR40”. Really….Ruger has taken the platform and modified it to work with the 40 cal S &W. Fantastic….. Although, what would top that is the SR45…Change that; SR45c

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The bolt action rifle – picking the right one

So a few months back my buddy and I were sitting on the patio drinking a beer when he blurted out, “Let’s go hunting this year”.  Now he had been many times but me, not once.  However, it sounded fun.  There was one major issue….I didn’t have a hunting rifle.  So for the next couple of weeks I scoured the internet trying to find one.  I also talked with quite a few people who were experienced hunters.  I heard two overwhelming things from them.  1. Go with a .308 Winchester or 30-06 Springfield.   2.  Savage is a good, inexpensive gun.  I finally decided on the .30-06 only because of the versatility of the round and the different bullet weights available (150 -210 – based on what I could find anyway).

Now off to find a rifle.  This is the fun part, and the hard part.  There are so many to choose from that will chamber a .30-06.  But again, I did not want to spend all my money.  So I started looking at “Combos”(A combination rifle and scope).  Some may say you should stay away from Combos because the scopes aren’t worth the tax you pay when you buy the rifle, but I was intrigued nonetheless.  They couldn’t be all that bad if most major manufacturers offered some sort of combo deal, and they are specifically packaged for the shooter new to hunting.  Back to the part about Savage being a good gun.  I finally found one at a local Dunham’s.  The model 111 was chambered in .30-06 with a Bushnell scope.  I started talking to the sales guy and telling him the story about finding a good rifle.  He offered me an additional $50 off based on the newspaper add.  I was practically sold, but wanted to be sure so I asked to see many more.   After about a half hour, I came back to the Savage 111.  With the discounted price well below MSRP and the good things I had heard about it, it was hard to pass up, so I bought it.  Out the door with the rifle, scope and a hard case, I had spent less than $400.  That’s not bad  for a brand new rifle and scope.

About a month goes by and I have yet to try out my new rifle.  My friend is over again, and we decided to hit the local range.  This process being new to me, I let my buddy take the lead.  He fires off a group which is a few inches left, and about 2 inches high.  He shows me how to adjust the scope for windage (Left to Right).  But we leave the group high because the range only goes to 75 yards.  So at 150 yards, the rifle would be dead on.  I take the rifle, set the target, and get to work.  I was amazed at how accurate it was for such an inexpensive rifle.  We made one adjustment to the scope and we were right on the money…. for not alot of money.

The rifle handled well in other areas too.  The bolt is smooth, the detachable box magazine convenient, and recoil was very manageable.  I know that some people may say, yeah great, but the stock is synthetic.  Yes, wood is beautiful, but you also need more of it to handle recoil, meaning the rifle is about 2- 2.5 lbs heavier.  In addition, wood is not impervious to the elements like synthetic is.  For a first time rifle, I’ll take the synthetic.

So… A great day at the range, a new rifle, cash in my pocket…..Does it get any better?

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How it all started – A Love Affair

My interest and hobby with guns all started a few years back when I went to visit my uncle’s farm out east.  We had asked him when we first arrived if we might have the opporunity to do some “shootin”, we were both curious about it.  On the Fourth of July my wife and I arrived back at the farm after getting groceries for dinner to find my uncle had been busy while we were gone.  In the upper oarchard he had setup a a group of targets on one side of a small pond, and camp chairs and an American Flag on the other (4th of July and all).
We shot many guns that day ( A Ruger 10/22 , Ruger M77 Hawkeye in 30-06, 1911A1 from WWI, and a 44 Mag).  My favoritve being the 1911 which I continued to shoot until the ammo ran out. What a magnificent gun.  That experience put me on the quest for my first 1911, which I’ll talk about in another post.
A few months later I ended up buying my first gun, a Ruger SR9.  From there many more were bought.  Not only was I having fun punching holes in paper, but I was making some solid friendships along the way.
Maybe this really was a hobby I could enjoy.
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