Packin’ a Pocket Pistol

The concealed carry market in Michigan has exploded, literally over the last ten years. Estimates show that around 50,000 residents have obtained a CCW over this last decade.

Now getting a permit and carrying a gun are two different things. You have to change how you dress and what you do when you carry a gun. Recently the pocket pistol market has drastically increased as well. I’m not talking about .22 Caliber Derringers. I’m talking about semi auto and revolvers with barrels of 2.5 inches or less. Ruger LCP, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard series, etc.

You might ask what the purpose is of such as gun, especially one so small. But the .380 caliber does pack a punch, especially with self-defense rounds. And they are easy to conceal…Especially in light clothing. Even in Michigan, the summers can get HOT. And personally I like to wear shorts and T-shirt during those times. It’s not the most practical thing to put my full size SR9 on my belt when I make a run to home depot now is it. That thing would stick out like a sore thumb. But the Bodyguard .380 fits comfortably in the cargo pocket of my shorts, and doesn’t print at all.

Conceal-ability and protection, what are your thoughts?

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