Home on the Range….Or a Range at Home

As I have stated, we recently moved to the country. And when you move from a postage stamp to more than 15 acres, the possibilities are endless for time well wasted. One of the things that I had always wanted was a shooting range at home. Now, let me be clear. Anyone who is looking to shoot guns on their own range better be darn sure that what they are shooting is not going to end up in their neighbor’s
kitchen window……

I am fortunate in that my front porch sits on a hill above the yard around my house. So it is somewhat like sitting in tree stand in the sense that you are elevated above the yard, and it makes for a good shooting range. I ended up placing the targets at the bottom of the hill, and by shooting from an elevated position, the backstop ended up being the ground, as normally happens when you shoot from a tree stand.

I took some old logs from a downed tree and nailed homemade paper plate targets. I also setup some clay target on an old pallet laying around. About 10 yards out and it was perfect for handgun and to try out my new Mossberg 500 “Special Purpose” shotgun.

The day was great, and the range at home was an exciting and fun thing to experience.

Does anyone have other ideas for how to setup a range at home?

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