A hunting we will go….. or not!

Last week I took a day off and planned to meet some buddies at a nearby pheasant farm to do some bird hunting. I was glad I just had a day to spend with friends in the fields.

I was about 10 minutes away when I got a call from my buddy saying we might not be able to go hunting because we didn’t have a dog. “Huh??” was my response. Now I knew that a dog would make the hunt more successful, but I thought we could still have fun and kick up some pheasants without a dog. Little did I know that pen raised pheasants don’t really know how to “fly away” when tracked and hunted; they would actually run instead. The only way to hunt them was to have a dog quickly flush them out and make them fly.

When I arrived, the ownwer, said he wanted us to hunt, but also wanted us to be able to get the birds. I was grateful, because he was charging $20 for each bird……

So we took off, one of our friends vowed to be back later that week with a dog and do some hunting. We ended up on a farm hunting rabbit and squirrel. All I had was my 12 gauge……..Can you imagine what would have happened to the rabbit.

We got nothing that day, but we say a couple squirrels, one rabbit, and one awesome eight point buck. And I wasn’t sitting at my desk. Deer season anyone??

Have you had any hunting trips start out slow, but end up having a great time?

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