Home Defense Shotgun

When we moved to the country, someone told me “You need to get a shotgun”.  And they were talking
about the home defense kind.   Of course when you move you have to pay for other things first, like movers, decorations
and as my wife says “man toys”; like a tractor.

Anyway, I did not really see the “need” for the home defense shotgun as I kept a pistol by the bed and a few others around the house.  But, I came into a little extra cash and decided to go shopping.  I had heard that Dunhams had a Mossberg 500 “Special Purpose” on sale so I decided to go check
it out.  I have come to the conclusion that “Special Purpose” is like one step below “Tactical”.  The gun didn’t have a pistol grip, it only
held five shells, and didn’t have ghost sights. In other words, it was a no frills; sit in the corner of the room, home
defense shotgun.  And it was $297, I’ll take it!

I got it home and a friend had come over to shoot a bit that day.  So we loaded up the Mossberg and started shooting.  Function was
fantastic, and it operated very well.  We shot bird and buck shot without issues, and the action was very smooth for a
brand new shot gun.  The one option, A barrel heat shield, did a fine job of keeping your hands away from a hot barrel.  As my friend commented “That is
one bad ass shotgun”.

You can buy a magazine extension, but then you would also need to buy the 20 inch barrel.   You could buy ghost rings sights, but then you would have to remove the heat shield.  I was thinking about this, and if something goes bump in the night, and you need more than five shells of 00
buck, you have bigger problems, literally. Of course, if you’re like me and you still want to be “prepared” you can always have a handgun and a holster at the ready.

So, at the end of the day, if you are looking for no frills, sit in the corner of the room, home defense shotgun for a reasonable price, this is hard to beat.

What are your thougts on a home defense shotgun???

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2 Responses to Home Defense Shotgun

  1. jason says:

    If you need much more than the hair raising, spine tingling sound of a shotgun racking, then yes, you may have some serious issues. The sound alone will send most everyone but God himself running for the hills.

  2. Thanks for posting….A quick update. I’ve added a barrel clamp, and light to the 500. Making it more useful for night.

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