So I sold my truck and I’m buying a Gun….

So you are probably thinking this a truly expensive gun because I’m selling my truck….Truth be told the truck is an old beater. And I’m not selling it, a co-worker is and his is buying his first pistol. The question is what he should buy. He owns rifles and shotguns, so he’s looking for something go to the range with and maybe as home protection.
There are so many choices on the market today; it can be truly difficult to decide. However, there are a couple things to consider that will make the decision easier.
1) Purpose – Primarily Target and home protection, so a full size should be fine
2) Caliber – Because of the home protection aspect, I suggest 9mm or higher.
3) Ease of use – First pistol, needs to be easy to use. Point and shoot.

Looking at all of these factors, I’d say a semi-automatic, DAO polymer handgun is the way to go. So the now you still have quite a choice to make. The obvious choice is a Glock, and it is a good gun. But some Glocks can get expensive, and don’t include many extra’s. I’m partial to Ruger’s SR9. It is cheap, easy to operate, comes with an extra mag, and is made in the USA. But there is also the Springfield XDm and the Smith and Wesson M&P. Both come with extra’s and are relatively less expensive than a Glock. With the extra cash, my co-worker could by something he will need now that he owns a pistol; ammo.

However, all four are extremely easy to operate, and as I said before, a Glock is fine handgun.

One other benefit to all four of these; their compact and sub-compact versions all function the same way, huge bonus….

What are your thoughts on a first handgun?

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1 Response to So I sold my truck and I’m buying a Gun….

  1. Update: My co-worker bought the Sprinfield XDm in 9mm. In addition to the gun, he got 3 mags, a mag holder, holster, and case for a reasonable price. He sounds like me when I first started shooting. All he wants in Ammo…….

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