A Bodygaurd for Christmas

So my wife wanted one, and I went out and bought it for Christmas. By the way, bad idea, even if your wife says she wants a gun, she does not want it for Christmas……..Anyway, I found that MichiGun in St. Clair Shores has the best prices on them. They had it for $100-$150 less than many other places. So I bought her the .380 pistol with the integrated laser. She was looking for something with more punch than a .22 but did not like my compact 9mm. Still have not shot it yet, waiting for her to go with me…It is her present after all. I’ll post again when we have some range results

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3 Responses to A Bodygaurd for Christmas

  1. Jason says:

    A friend of mine bought one of these Smith’s a few months back. He said he likes the gun, but he’s had to send it back 2 times to have the laser looked at. It seems that the laser would work when it wanted to and not neccessarily every time he wanted it to. Guess the lesson here is to never completely trust a battery powered device when there are perfectly good sights on top of the firearm.

    Range time yet?? Curious to see what people think of this little gun.

  2. Ah yes…Range time with the bodygaurd was interesting. I thought it shot nice for a “mousegun”. Trigger pull was long as it should be on a gun like this. But my father was not a fan. There was no issue with the laser that I noticed. On and off without a problem. More to come.

    So, to finish up on this post. The groups were good, all within the nubmer 5 ring at 7 yards out. Like I said, the trigger pull was long, but it should be on something you are going to put in your pocket….It just takes practice to get used to. And the 380 is managable as well. I could definately see the benefit of this gun on a hot summer day when you don’t want to “layer up”. I will…I mean my wife will certainly love having it around.(since it is her present), but I might just have to go and buy one for myself.

    By the way…Thank you for you post….Tell your friends about the blog.

    • So, I was reading the April issue of GUNS. Yeah I know, it came out two months ago, but I re-read the mags a few times. Mr Taffin did a review on the Savage Model 23 in .22 WMR. Check it out. Not a Ruger 10/22, but pretty cool.

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