There’s nothing compact about the SR9c.

One recent weekend, my dad and I decided to hit the range and shoot a few rounds. But I had another reason to be excited that day. A guy that works at my local range/gun shop had given me a call and said they had finally gotten a couple Ruger SR9c’s in. I had read the articles on it, and was dying to get my hands on one. I own a full size SR9 and like its slim profile and natural point ability. To make things even better, the range had one in their rental counter. So I could shoot it before I bought it. How awesome is that! I put about 150 rounds through it, and shot it side by side with my CZ RAMI P 2075. Ruger took the SR9 and cut down the grip by about an inch and the barrel by about .7 inches. It’s a compact, not a sub-compact (like the CZ). They also improved the trigger on the SR9c. When I bought my SR9 about two years ago, I had to have the trigger smoothed out on it. The SR9c was smooth and crisp to begin with. Other than that, it is basically the same thing as the SR9, safety, mag release, and takedown.

Where I really think that Ruger hit it big is the fact that the supply you with many common items you would have to buy as “add on” if you bought something else. For example you not only get a 10 round flush fit magazine, but you get a pinky finger collar. You also get a 17 round magazine and a magazine collar as well. (Note: The 17 round magazine also fits the standard SR9). All this for less than $500 retail.

When I was looking at the SR9c at the shop, I noticed right next to it an “SR40”. Really….Ruger has taken the platform and modified it to work with the 40 cal S &W. Fantastic….. Although, what would top that is the SR45…Change that; SR45c

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